Resources for Parents & Guardians

As a parent or guardian, you can help raise a child to become a changemaker. We have gathered resources that you can incorporate into your home.


An Inside Look at Changemaker Families

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These 2, engaging 10-minute videos will provide inspiration and hope in your journey to raise changemakers. We asked two families to share stories and nuggets of wisdom gained through their journey as changemaker families.


A Guide to support a young person to be a changemaker

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This Changemaker Journey is a research-based guide and framework that walks you through the 6 steps a young person takes to become and advance as a changemaker.

The Raising Entrepreneurs Podcast

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The Raising Entrepreneurs Podcast series is inspiring for parents and young people. Journey with Tamika as she explores how to parent entrepreneurs by interviewing young changemakers and entrepreneurs.


Month-Long Changemaker
Family Challenge

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This month-long changemaker challenge has helped parents & guardians all over the world develop changemaker skills in their families. Get your family to work together on a series of challenges that promote connection, compassion, and empathy.