Resources for Young People

Begin your Changemaker journey to realize your unique passion, purpose, and potential to make an impact!


Changemaker Story Challenge #1

You can tackle homelessness in your city. Learn how Joshua William got started.

Changemaker Story Challenge #2

You can collaborate with others to tackle problems in your community. Learn how Mahika Halepete does it.

Changemaker Story Challenge #3

How to become a changemaker and activate change in your community like Sarah Toumi.


Changemaker Story Challenge #4

Run a community-based tourism program like Ara Kusuma.

Changemaker Story Challenge #5

Peyton assumed Khawla didn’t speak English. Challenge yourself to understand people in your class you don’t know.

Why Changemaking

The world is rapidly changing. See why changemaking prepares students to tackle the challenges ahead.


Newsletter for Parents

Newsletter template to invite parents to the world of changemaking.

Start the Conversation

Use World Cafe's easy-to-use method to create a network of collaborative dialogue around questions that matter to you.

The Changemaker Recipe

A step by step guide to support your friends to be changemakers.


Feeling Stuck? Ask These Questions!

This set of questions is great for getting unstuck when approaching a challenge.

Changemaker Toolkit

This toolkit guides you through the first steps into becoming a Changemaker.

Changemaker Action Plan

This action plan guides you through starting your own venture that tackles an issue in your community.


Changemaker Journey

This journey shows significant steps you can take to become a Changemaker and advance in the Changemaker Journey.